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Reeves provides a complete line of motor pulleys designed to convert both fractional and integral constant speed motors into a variable speed drive.


An easy and economical method of converting fixed speeds of motor or machine into a more versatile machine of infinitely variable speed. The motor pulley forms the actual driving element between motor and driven shaft eliminating the need for auxiliary equipment such as chain drives or gears. A complete variable speed solution can be selected from one source using Reeves Pulleys, Dodge PT Componets and Reliance Motors.

Technical data
(See Custom Classics for more detailed information.)
Sizes / Housing Styles Available
  • Reeves manufactures two motor pulley series and a line of adjustable bases.
  • Junior Pulley: Fractional HP series that use classical belts. Sizes: 830, 850, 860, 870, 875
  • Senior Pulley: Fractional through integral HP series that use wide range belts. Sizes: 5675, 7202, 9205, 1110, 912-15
  • Pulley Base: Available for both fractional and integral motor frames. Sizes: 91-B, 91.5-B, 92-B, 93-B, 5614, TEL-1
Key Industries / Applications
  • Multi-spindle drill presses
  • Buffing and polishing machines
  • Grinders
  • Industrial power saws
  • Textile knitting machines
  • Punching machines
  • Portable stacking machines for paper and corrugating industry
  • Wood planers and mixers
Complementary Dodge Products
  • Wide range belts
  • Adjustable motor bases
  • Flat face pulleys
  • Taper-Lock bushings
  • Motors
  • Counter shaft pedestals
Accessories Available
  • Belts
  • Bases
  • Motors
  • Flat face companion pulley
  • Bushings
Modifications Available
  • Special bores
  • Metric bores
  • Bases drilled and tapped for motor mounting
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