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Sprockets for use with roller chain, generally to provide transmission of power between two low-speed shafts.


No slip transmission, minimal overhung load on shaft bearings, generally used in lower speed ranges (e.g. 1-300 RPM). Low cost, rugged performance.

Technical data

Sprockets manufactured to ANSI standards. Material is low-carbon steel. Chain drive efficiency is typically 98%. Stock drive ratios from 1:1 to over 6:1, for applications to over 44,000 lb-in torque.


TAPER-LOCK bushed sprockets in pitches from #35 (3/8"pitch) to #160 (2" pitch), number of teeth range from 9 to 112. Also available are double strand, double-single, B-reborable and A-plate sprockets.

Key Industries / Applications
  • Various types of conveyors
  • Mixers
  • Blenders
  • Feeders
  • Textile machinery
  • Packaging machines
Complementary Dodge Products
  • TAPER-LOCK and QD bushings
  • Torque Tamer
  • Roller chain
Accessories Available
  • Chain casings
  • Chain tensioner frames
  • Idler sprockets
  • Chain assembly tools
  • Chain pin removers
Modifications Available
  • Rebore, keyseat and setscrew for B-type reborable sprockets
  • Rebore, surface finish of plate sprockets for use on Torque Tamer
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